Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Apple Tree Spraying

This year I have a bumper crop from my medium-sized apple tree, and a big crop from the pear tree.  I don't really know if this is a fluke, or my spray has worked wonders.  Nothing works to save the cherry tree which is under attack from a fungus.  I hope Dougie releases some of the rules on insect sprays.

My recipe:

Into two gallons of water in your sprayer, add:

1 tbls Home Defence insect spray (pyrethins)
2 tbls Miracle Gro powder (iron and fertilizer for the leaves)
2 drops dish soap (disperses the oils)
1 tbls Neem Oil (fungicide)
1 tbls Tea Oil (fungicide)
1 tbls Epson Salts (added magnesium for plants, gives slugs a tummy ache)
1 tbls Borax (ants hate it, and protects from aphids)

This is a very light, mostly organic, spray.  Spray every week, since it doesn't stick around.  No residual after a wash or rain.

It only works if the slug or insect eats a lot of plants.  My apples this year are 99% worm-free with very little scab.

Works on everything, but don't spray flowers if the bees are on them.  The spray is very non-poisonous and you could probably drink it.  :)

Don't use it in California since it causes cancer only there.  :) along with pure spring water.

ps.  now back to my happy sabbatical. 

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