Saturday, September 7, 2019

Cottage Report Sept. 7, 2019

Nice cool September weather like my childhood.  It's funny that I overheard one young lady muttering that in 'her' childhood, April and September were so warm, and now it's cold.  I'm sure that these young'uns are going to question the warmie priests:  'Why is it so cold now?'  and the answer will be 'Move along.'

In the next few days we'll see the new global temps charts.  I am expecting a big drop and everybody will say 'Move along'.  The 'Consensus of Self-Interest' will stay strong because to say otherwise subjects them to what they did to others.

If we are lucky, then the hurricanes will hit the UK and that will dominate the news.  I'm thinking they will undershoot and freeze the UK, but that's in the future.

At the cottage, I'm felling trees for my carbon-neutral means of heating.  No matter that the pollution is horrible, but there's nobody here.

Monday - quite cold at night.  Had a sauna and the cold water quite shocked me.  Only one cycle, today it might be two.

Wed. Sept 11.  Really hot for one day.  Sweating, and might go swimming.

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