Wednesday, September 18, 2019

It's Cannabis Harvest Time!

The whole neighbourhood is abuzz with talk about their cannabis plants.  One old guy up the street got some unknown seeds and put in a bag of sheep manure.  The plants are over 6 feet tall, and stink for hundreds of feet away.  My variety stays small with no stink.

You can review my video on making cannabis oil.

It's funny that my potted plant has the vegetative leaves turn yellow, but the plant in the garden has no yellow.  Those are the garbage leaves, anyway.  I think it's best not to add too much manure, since these plants are better off suffering, just like potatoes.

A note on goopykardies.  There is not a speck of proof that cbd oil extracted from hemp has any benefits.  I had no luck with the pure molecules of thc or cbd.  They are poison.  The main benefit of my oil is the anti-inflammatory effect and that may be all the stinky terpenes.  Just like you need stinky garlic to work, and the red stuff in red wine.  If you can't grow, then buy the buds and process them.

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