Friday, December 7, 2018

South America Nose Bleed Heading for a Mini Ice Age

I have propose three types of ice ages.  We have the micro ice with a 20 year cycle.  It is caused by the Pacific El Nino foundry running out of heat.  Then there is the mini ice age of 300 years or so, full wave.  A major ice advance happens every 10,000 years.  It is controlled by isostatic uplift.  A major ice advance hooks when we have a mini ice age and all the highlands have popped up again.  We should have a good 3000 years for that.

The South American Nose Bleed is all the red forming south of the nose.  It's getting huge now, and I've never seen it like that.  I could use the climatist word 'unprecedented', but that would be silly.

The new ocean currents map shows the water flowing south.  THIS IS NOT NORMAL!  We hope and pray it will turn soon.

I have proposed that when enough hot water is diverted, then we have a 'latch circuit', the flow stays like that for 150 years.  Read up on the last one.  Not pretty.

ps.  that weird 'Upper Return' on the Pacific has stopped.  No more huge warm air plumes to warm North America for a week.  The Pacific plumes are dead again.

pps.  more detail as requested by Penny.  A latch circuit is a button press that stays pressed.  In this case, enough flow to the south keeps it flowing south, like a tip bucket. 


Penny said...

very cold today- and yesterday we got a lake effect snow dump
I know, again, it didn't hit you...
Hubby works Hamilton way and they had nothing!

Penny said...

by "latch circuit" ..... what do you mean
looked it up and electronics type stuff comes up.
As well as basic definitions, but, climate references are definitely lacking.
Would you clarify
PS: cute letter to the kiddies ..