Friday, December 7, 2018

Note to future generations about the ice age

Dear Kiddies,

You see here the first observations of the turning of the climate.  By now you know that this has happened like clockwork for millions of years.  You can rummage the dustbin of history to see the articles of this time talking about the boiling of the seas.

You see, those people treated physics with contempt, simply because it got in the way of political expediency.  There was too much power to be gained, money to be made riding the Heat Wave.  They ignored any facts which went against the grain.

Now you are snug in your underground house, with realistic screens as windows.  The surface has been given up to polar bears and ice.  Although His Royal Muskiness died of a crack overdose, you give thanks that he invented a cheap way to excavate.

At this time all the ocean currents started to dump all the equatorial heat to the south, leaving the North absolutely frigid.  Nobody saw at the time, except one person who was stoned to death by snowballs.  He was a convenient scapegoat.

As the glaciers grind overhead, have a Merry Christmas.

ps.  as noted in the comments, all the Guardian people are living in the past, about the Arctic ice.  It's funny.

Stop the presses, ice is forming in the Arctic in winter! Meanwhile the long term trend is down.
Arctic Sea Ice Volume anomaly and Trend from PIOMASS 1980-2018

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Sea levels may rise more rapidly due to Greenland ice melt
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Erik Frederiksen
6 Dec 2018 22:40
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"Arctic ice is happy"

Graph of Arctic sea ice over the last 1,450 years, which doesn’t include the last decade, if you tried to put recent years on there it would blow off the bottom of the chart a long ways.

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Sea levels may rise more rapidly due to Greenland ice melt
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6 Dec 2018 18:02
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Global temperatures are not flat.

2001-2010 14.47 deg C
1991-2000 14.26 deg C
1981-1990 14.12 deg C
1971-1980 13.95 deg C

That's from "The Global Climate 2001-2010, a decade of climate extremes" from the WMO.

The World Meteorological Organisation produces those average global temperatures per decade, calculated from all the major datasets.

To date, all 17 years of the 21st century rank among the 18 warmest on record (adding 1998 makes up the full 18.)

The top 5 years (from NOAA) are - 5th, 2010 ....... 4th, 2014 .... 3rd, 2017 ...... 2nd, 2015 .... 1st, 2016.

Every La Nina year since 1998 has been warmer than every El Nino year before 1995.

I think the British still live in the Victorian era, which is the latest warming physics that they always quote.  :)


Penny said...

The Arctic Freeze up is well under way..

"As the sun has set in the Arctic, the atmosphere has strongly cooled. As soon as the remaining open ocean water loses its heat to the atmosphere, ice growth occurs"

there's that mechanism previously mentioned here:

An early start to the snow season for much of North America

"While parts of Alaska had their latest first snowfall, based on data at the Rutgers Global Snow Lab, North America as a whole had the highest November snow extent in the 1966 to 2018 record.

Above average snow cover was particularly notable over central and eastern Canada."

I know we've got snow.. and have had it for a while now... It started about a month ago- went away for a brief time, but, we've had more snow cover then not since about the 9th of November.

"Over Eurasia, snow cover was slightly above average for this time of year. The extensive snow cover over eastern Canada was related to low pressure over the North Atlantic that brought cold air from the Arctic into the region."

November 2018 compared to previous years

Overall, sea ice extent during November 2018 increased 3.08 million km2 (1.19 million mi2). This is 994 000 km2 (384 000 mi2) greater than the 1981 to 2010 average November extent increase.


Harold Asmis said...

Ha ha, the people on the Guardian comments still believe that the Arctic is melting. They were quite angry at me for pointing out the opposite.