Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Autobiography of Sam Smith - Preface

Now that corruption is an everyday thing, my buddy Sam has decided to write his autobiography.  He's left me copies, and will fill things in as more of his colleagues die. 


I, Sam Smith, write this fictional autobiography, which is totally true, maybe, and doesn't resemble anybody living or undead.  Anything that anybody objects to will have an instant 'walk back', until they die.

I shall start with the very beginning, which is usually boring, and I've just decided that I won't start with that.  I shall start with sometime in University.

It may be that some people have a past exactly like me, but that is coincidence, and I plead 'Stupidity Defence', right from the start.

I shall write in instalments, and if anybody wants any more, they have to contribute to my Kickmefunder campaign.  I will tell the whole ugly truth.  Names may be changed to protect my ass.

-- to be continued.

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