Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Autobiography of Sam Smith - 5

I, Sam Smith, and only Sam Smith, although you may have your suspicions, continues this big thing.  I'm diverging with a background on the nuclear history of rantaria to give an idea of what I was thrown into.  I learned all this by talking to people.

The BFU wanted to go nuclear and yelled at the weenies to keep doubling things.  The weenies had a great time with billions of dollars being thrown at them.  After all, in their northern radioactive fortress, they only had wife-swapping and suicides to amuse them.

The first of the doubled or quadrupled plants was Pucking 1 built right beside the big city of Tiwanna.  They chose to build it on a giant swamp.  They would have a trench intake from the lake, which had huge dunes of sediment travelling underwater, just offshore.  Once again, the worst location in the world.  But the bfu was second only to god, and a little hostile nature didn't phase them.

The Pucking 1 design was four Dougie Points side by side.  All connected to one vacuum building.  We won't go into that too much.  Suffice to say it still stands. 

Then the weenies went back north to build Bad 1 right beside Dougie Point.  Rather than trench an intake in a sea of silt, they went for a tunnel in the worst rock in the world.  'Nuff said.

So, the important part here is that the BFU said "The weenies are shit, they can't build what we want.  We are going all in-house."  That sparked a huge hiring binge, and I squeaked in on the last of it.  They put up a huge building in Tiwanna, called the Crystal Palace.  It was the first and worst of 'energy efficient' buildings which just meant they cut off all the fresh air.  Some people they hired first had to quit because they could barely get out of bed, go to the office, and get another horrible disease.  When I showed up, I met a friend who was nearly dying.  I supposed she left, one way or another.

Fresh into the office for me, they were driving the piles for Pucking 2, and blasting the tunnel for Bad 2.  These plants were 50% scaled up from the weenie plants, without a speck of thought. 

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