Sunday, July 22, 2018

Linux - needs to be reinstalled

Blah.  My troubles with the ryzen5 continue.  After freezing once a day for weeks, it finally totally froze.  I have to reinstall.

ps.  It's super-horrible reinstalling because the Debian Installer doesn't work right now.  It won't install grub.  Then I ran into the fact that moving to 'unstable' brings up the worst kernel for amdgpu and won't boot.  Then 'stable' doesn't have 'kernel-package'.  I'm trying the 'buster' install and going right to the latest kernel.  Blah.

ps.  So, the sequence is -- install debian with the buster alpha.  Load kernel-package and other junk.  Get the latest 4.17.9 and compile it.  Don't forget to install libssl-dev, or you're hosed, and never know why.

Then the stupid thing works, for a while perhaps.  I should take more backups, but this is my experimental machine.  I run really weird stuff on it.

pps.  still freezing

14.17.9 is worse than ever, trying another one.

14.18 rc6 is working, and I can't crash it.  However, all of these things have gone bad in a couple days.  Must be memory leaks.

now it is freezing

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Anonymous said...

Harold...I'm no Linux guy but it does sound like memory leaks or... Do you have something on it that has to index a lot of stuff (e.g. a database)? If it doesn't have enough disk space to carry out the reindex, that'll bring down a server in the manner you describe.