Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tariffs Cost Ten Times the Initial Duty

We can't win a trade war against trumpler.  For every tariff we throw up, it costs us 10 times the initial amount.  Their economy is ten times ours, and it will take ten times as long for things in the US to fall apart.

Canada should declare a major retooling effort.  All imports should have no tariffs or restrictions.  The money we save should go into surviving the new world.  Fix up the dairy farmers and the steel guys.

All our exports to the US should stop while we retool, especially oil and natural gas, and other resources.  Doug should support this.  :)

If we don't do this, we are in the big poop.

ps.  for example, take the whinging dairy industry, especially those french guys.  It is better to open the borders and go into those fully automatic milking robots.  They're all made in Germany, the auto parts guys could make their own.  Also lots of employment for installing, repairing, optimizing, etc.

Instead of 'anti-dumping' we could assume that the world is one market, and just monitor for predatory pricing, monopolies, etc.

pps.  this is the next big idea, after legalizing my Sea Oil.  I accidentally took a huge dose at the cottage, with a new batch that was 4 times stronger.  Man, that fixes you up good.  :)

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