Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Autobiography of Sam Smith - 2

I, Sam Smith, continue to write this stuff.  It's funny how you remember more things as you lay it on the ethersphere.  I did have girlfriends.  In high school, I took the biology lab assistant (I was physics) to the prom.  When we were alone, we just stood rigidly beside each other and didn't know what to do.  Totally, dual nerdism.

In first year university, I sang at my church choir and went out with Plain Jane Pain.  It was so boring, I usually fell asleep talking.  I remember once trying to have sex with her.  My anatomy slammed into a brick wall.  I remember WTF! and OW!.

After that, I was determined to be the 40 year virgin and stayed away from females.  Lucky for me, there were no females in my university course.  There were some who might have been, but I didn't look closely.  Equal rights for all!

ps.  Sam says he won't write any more.  His inspiration is gone.

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