Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trumpyland Earthquakes starting to go nuts now

Since this is a deep normal earthquake, it may be a 5, but no seismometers called it that.  Only Intensity 4, so my velometer would have recorded 1 cm/s.  However, it was very widely felt, again close to an m5 felt area.

Getting these twice a week has brought up the seismic energy rate a notch.  The m7 is looking closer.  The last m5 did not bring out any inane comments, maybe this one will.

Addition - Velometer reading 5 cm/s means chimney down, 10 cm/s - old downtown down, 20 cm/s drywall repair, 50 cm/s walk away from house.  The m7 will read 100 - 200 cm/s, things thrown in the air.

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