Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Madrid Earthquake 2

It'll be a good movie.  The Rock can fly all over the Big Valley and look at all the destroyed buildings.  The big joke will be that the movie will be filmed in Oklahoma which will have the earthquakes first.  After the movie comes out, then it will happen at the original location.

We've had 2 sizeable earthquakes at the tip of the old zone.  With my 'Stress Corrosion' hypothesis, the main zone is tapped out, and will never blow again.  However, there is no obstacle to paddling up the river and expand the zone.  Then you get into new stress.

The OK zone is helping things along.  The Precambrian basement is so strong that it could keep a static stress hole forever, but OK is shifting the stresses.  Thus, we can either start a new zone from scratch, or just thump a bigger earthquake with a larger stress region.

With a wild guess, I think OK can knock off some high seven's, just like the original New Madrid.  Then NM can respond with some mid-8's.  Of course, then the surrounding similar mechanisms, like Toronto can join in.  Even with all that, I still don't think anybody will pay me money.  :(

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