Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The 'mazing new Velometer

I've done it!  I have invented the 'mazing velometer.  The first ever to use a Raspberry Pi Zero W, to sum up two accelerometers, and produce velocities on the fly.

This is serious instrumentation for under $20.  Similar equipment costs thousands.  I'll make a zillion dollars!

Smart people will want to put these all over their buildings so that the next time there is an earthquake, they'll know right away whether it is safe.

What's this you say?  That my 'mazing invention will gather dust alongside the perpetual motion machine, and the car that runs on water?  That there are powerful interests who will squash this because they live on shake machines and peak acceleration?  That they love to party when there is an earthquake, putting red tags on buildings that don't need them, and green tags on those that do?  That there are no smart people in the earthquake biz?

Oh well, perhaps it is best that I retire, and just snipe on the sidelines.  There will soon be a big party in the US midwest without a speck of instrumentation, and lots of people want it that way.

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