Thursday, March 16, 2017

Linux - Six accelerometers together

This uses the ltc4317 to add 4 more accelerometers.  I'm getting a Raspberry Zero W, (with wifi).  When they are finally shipped in bulk, they'll be cheaper to just hook up 2 accelerometers.  Then you can have a big array on a concrete slab.  This will be an extremely sensitive seismometer with the advantage of having a spaced array.  I like to have a huge dynamic range, and multiple uses.  When put in a bridge, you can get great diagnostics.  All those stupid 'energy absorber' buildings should have this.

There is now no excuse not to monitor every structure.  Had New Zealand done this, they could have saved billions.  A structure which does not change any response is not damaged.

In the US, the big OK earthquakes will cost endless billions, and none of the buildings will be reoccupied.  Who would trust the stupid engineers, with more earthquakes coming?  People will just leave, like nobody trusts the dykes of New Orleans.  They'll come to Toronto - Ha ha!  Where the Earthquake IQ is underwater.  :)

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