Monday, March 6, 2017

The lack of physics in everyday life


The BBC no less!  They should know better, dingbats.  This is where I have fun with my vanity blog, nobody else has to read it.

So, if you have spent hours looking for one piece of fake news, just like a phoney correlation, then it becomes simple to ask a formulated question to dig up that piece again.  Since it is so bizarre and obscure, nobody has written a rebuttal to it.  Google only finds that piece of 'fake news'.

Although this is a one in a million thing, you can then report it as 'Google spreads fake news', even though nobody has ever heard of it.  It's like correlating co2 with temperature, or Obama installing wiretaps on his own, dressed in a janitor's outfit.  The big weakness of the Scientific Method is that you cannot refute nonsense.  You can only say it doesn't follow the SM, and that is a meaningless statement these days.

The Big Media is dying.  They grab onto fake news, and 'click bait' to stay alive for a few more days.  Once they leave us, I can't see we'll be any worse off.  :(

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