Monday, March 6, 2017

The Boring Doom of Musk!

So, musky wants to start tunnelling without a speck of geotechnical engineering.  He's got the hats already, so he's off to a flying start!

I really like the solid 'O'.  It's great.  It's funny that I rail on about how seismic engineers don't know what they are doing, and here I am, complaining about the new guy, just because I've been doing it a few years.  Let him go ahead, I say, who needs physics anyway?

I hope his first hole isn't like this one.  They started digging a simple 20 foot pit 6 months ago, and are still at it.  They just move dirt from one spot to another, every day.  John Tory is paying for this, and if he doesn't get upset, why should we?  They're having fun.  Perhaps this is what musky wants to do.

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