Friday, April 29, 2016

Oklahoma earthquake rates hit ridiculous levels

Ok, I defined Earthquake Season as 3 M3-ish earthquakes a day, and maybe a 4 once a week.  Today (Friday) it has hit 5 already and looks to hit 6 by the end.  I only round magnitudes to one digit, since the uncertainties are so large.  This is a tremendous rate and I can't see being a steady thing for the Season.  Most likely it will end with something big and then die down for a while.  I find that it boggles the mind to maintain 6 3's a day, which means a 4 every few days.

We had a 3 in Alabama, could be strain projection from OK.  We'll know we are getting a good strain pulse from OK when New Madrid kicks up again.  I still expect a 'closer' next Season.

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