Friday, April 1, 2016

Geotechnical Nightmare #8 - An Inch from Death

Today, my nightmare pixies had an extra-special treat for me.  They didn't put up a second bridge section, but funnelled the river.  The Great River Spirit was angry, and let loose a flood.  Another inch of rain and the bridge would be gone.  Even with that, the river is digging away at the slope.  Actually, it's quite ready to snag one of the big trees that like to float down the river.

The poor conservation people stopped the job.  They were just staring with jaws open when I came along, and ran away because of the camera.  It's very bad for bureaucrats to be caught actually doing something.  It destroys plausible deniability.

As stated before, there is no reality here, this is just imaged from my foetid imagination.

A few days ago, it was quite a nice dream, with a big crane.

ps. I sent it to cbc news but I guess it's not interesting.


The next day.  Slope seems to be at angle of repose.

and the other sewer project.

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