Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bruce Deep Black Hole


All of a sudden I perked up and wondered "Whatever happened to that stupid black hole?"  They must be sinking the shaft and killing people by now.  Nope.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has dealt a setback to Ontario Power Generation’s plan for a nuclear waste burial site on the shores of Lake Huron.

In a letter to the provincially-owned utility Thursday, Ms. McKenna delayed a decision on whether to approve its proposed deep repository for low– and medium-level radioactive waste.

Instead, she told OPG to submit additional studies, including assessments on possible alternatives to the currently proposed site at the Bruce nuclear station in Kincardine, Ont., and on the cumulative impacts of siting other nuclear waste facilities in the region.

The additional work will take several months to complete.

And so the saga goes.  I wish them luck at evaluating other sites.  They never did a spit of work on that.  They were so intent on jamming this square peg into the round hole.  I somehow think they never did want to get their feet dirty, and come up against physics.  They could go on forever now.

If this delay was a political one, then there are no sites in the world for this.  I wanted a nuclear resort at Wesleyville on the shores of Lake Ontario with permanent summer warmed by the nuclear waste.  All the young people would flock there, driven out by high Toronto rents.  Put the UP train there, much better than the airport.  The physics is perfect.  You'd get more contamination from your organic hamburgers than you would ever get there.  :)

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