Monday, April 4, 2016

Accelerometers for Third World Oklahoma

Tired of being victims of the oil companies and Donald Trump?  Then do something.  Start installing accelerometers on your miserable house slab.  When the chimney falls down, have a recording.  Those in Oklahoma City, you're in prime Pancake Country.  Wouldn't you want some readings as your legacy?

You can do this!  I've already laid the groundwork of hooking up chip accelerometers with a Raspberry Pi.  The final step of recording on files is boring for me.  You could have a live feed of the accelerometer readings on the internet (note the lower case as per the new style guidelines).  I can't do this since I live in boring old Toronto which only has a chance of a destructive earthquake as 1 in 500 per year.  You in OK have a 100% chance within a year or two.

Even California is useless for this.  All their buildings that could fall down have already done so in previous earthquakes.  You don't want to go to India or Montreal because their stuff falls down on their own, due to Playdough concrete.

So, no matter how you look at it, the burden is on you guys.  Rise to the occasion.  Plant little accelerometer seeds everywhere, and they will grow to wonderful knowledge!

ps.  You can glue down your old Android phone, and run an earthquake app.

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