Saturday, April 2, 2016

Monster El Nino has peaked

Here is the monthly microwave report from Dr. Spencer.  Although he thinks it reflects global temperatures, it really is a measure of how much heat energy is being thrown into space.  If the Earth didn't do this efficiently, we wouldn't be here to talk about it.  The area under the graph is approximately proportional to the amount of heat energy thrown.  A wider peak warms the nether regions of space a lot more than a narrow one.

This year's peak has been both wide and high.  The Arctic has never seen such temperatures, and all that heat energy goes out.  This is the big failing of the warmists.  They must grasp 'pseudo-physics' to come up with temperature graphs, and extrapolate using 'momentum', but they dance around it.  Temperature, by itself, has no physical impact.  A spark from the fire has a very high temperature, but it can land on your skin because it has no heat energy.  And the temperature readings are scattered all over the place, so they must 'weight' by area.  This is a corrupted 'heat energy', but they forget the heat energy in the oceans, which is orders of magnitude above the air.

Enough of that preaching.  A big loss of heat energy for the Earth means something.  I suspect 'everybody' will be happy when ice starts to cover everything.  The temperatures will be re-weighted and we'll still be 'warmer than ever'.  :)  I, however, will freeze.

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