Monday, July 28, 2014

Another cold July

This is the second summer that the temperatures have got pissy in July.  Our cold winter was back to the 70's and the summers are there as well.  Can't get a sun tan in my sauna!

Here is a really nice temperature graph, in that it shows error bars.

I like it because the error bars increase the farther back in time.  Thus, I was not imagining that the snow drifts were higher when I was a child.  The plumbing system was difficult to maintain in the 70's, and this year I had a burst pipe, even though I do everything to winterize it.  So looking at this graph alone, I would assume the temperatures are just as likely to go down again.  So it all hinges on the physics of the CO2 thermal blanket, and I've said before there is no physics here.

I'd be so happy at the cottage if the temperatures really were staying warm.  Right now they are just saying that we're an anomaly, and that all sorts of weird mechanisms such as small volcanoes and deep ocean circulation are delaying the warming.  Did they ever use these mechanisms when it was warming?

One thing I have noticed in the last year or two is that the warm band at the equator has become very narrow, leaving us to the mercies of the Arctic Vortex.  I can imagine that over the decades this band expands and shrinks due to some unknown physics.

This implies a totally new physics that nobody has really gotten in to.  Naturally, those people in that band are really hot. I want some of that heat right now!  :)

Further thoughts - Every 500-1000 years there is a massive North American drought that killed off various ancient tribes.  I was thinking that the Trade Winds band could actually shrink to zero.  Wow, everybody would be up here, sucking up the lakes.

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