Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cottage Report - the first July week

We were up a week and the main theme was Blueberries!

Every morning was the same:  I wanna go picking!  Oh jeez, I would say.  Then the wife would steal the dog and go up the back.  Of course, to save the dog, I would eventually follow, slogging up Mt. Blue.  There, the dog would be frolicking, and the wife would be picking.  We saw a young elk up there, and it left its Timbits all over the place.  Deer leave beans.  The dog would find these piles and magically turn brown.

Once the dog scared up a huge flock of wild turkeys, more of a creche with lots of babies.  They can really fly!  Once they went up, Mama Peregrine was right behind.  We heard a big commotion in the woods, but don't know if she got a baby.

We cooked up two nice bass I caught, but those were the only fish all week.

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