Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oil companies believe that Oklahoma earthquake swarm is a natural variation.


Funny that's exactly how I feel about global gorming, and I'm sure the oil companies are behind me on that!

We just have to wait for OK.  My contention is that a huge mechanism is developing, just like a landslide.  The only proof is in future action.  Right now we are all talking heads, mainly because nobody is putting money behind measuring the right things.  But the only money in the States is oil company money, and would you put your head in a noose that you paid for?  Right.

So, we wait for the big thrust M5 that knocks down some buildings.  Then it is fun to speculate what the reaction will be.  I think it will be dismissed, which means we get to see an M6.  But they already had one of those, so hopefully we can go bigger.  :)

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