Monday, July 14, 2014

Mama, don't buy Windows 8!

Got a new laptop for the daughter, who wanted professional word and project.  The neato Asus laptop came with win8 and a touchscreen, which the girlie loved.  Then it was left to Dad to get the dang thing working.  We got the packages through the wife's employee thing, and they are dirt cheap because of the bazillions that the company pours into MS.

But I tore my hair out trying to get this stuff installed.  I must have rebooted 20 times, and installed 5 times over.  Because it always seemed to stop, and the applications never showed up.

That start-up chess set is the worst thing ever.  I finally installed Pokki, which is a nice KDE start button.  Then I found word and project, and they totally installed and verified.  Whew!  Then I tried to get rid of all the Asus cruft, which kept popping up and reminding me about things I didn't want to do.  Man, everybody wants to add 'value', and snare you into something.  I finally had to get my fav.  Tweaknow Regcleaner to bash down all these pop-up whack-a-moles.

So, if everybody wasn't brainwashed that they have to get 'the real word', then I could have just snuck in Linux.  Too bad.  :(

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