Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Toronto, Prepare for your Earthquake!

We all know trouble comes in threes.  Giant Flood, Giant Ice Storm, and we know what comes next - Giant Earthquake!

We are getting prepared by the ice storm, since we expect the power to be out for a week with an earthquake.  Gas will be out, too.  This sucks if it is winter.

We should at least prepare for an M5, which will a certainty when they start injecting the pumped salt water from the Bruce Black Hole, into the Hamilton Fault.  After all, these people don't believe in the Precambrian!

A winter M5 should not evacuate all the downtown buildings into a non-functioning subway.  There should be earthquake overrides to the fire alarms.  Can you imagine every one in the streets, especially if the M5 is a foreshock?  Everyone is safer in the big buildings.

An M6 will knock out the power, but not the gas (maybe).

An M7 will knock out both for a week.  The nuclear plants will be difficult to restart.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas!

ps.  Have discovered that the Fords couldn't declare an emergency, because that would be the final nail in the coffin.  As usual, the emergency people are totally unprepared for this, because of their famous quote:  "We are (equally) prepared for anything.", which means they are prepared for nothing.  A while ago, when I was using some 'company' power to investigate this, I found their attitude was "We're Toronto, nothing will happen to us."  "

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