Monday, December 9, 2013

OPG in Auditor's Cross-hairs


For some reason, I've had experience with this place, and I have never seen anything so good at letting billions slip through the fingers.  But, what the hey, it's good for the economy.

I can't see that Mr. Auditor will come up with anything new, unless he somehow gets into the Niagara Tunnel.  But at merely 3 billion wasted, I don't even think it comes up on his radar.  :)

But it was a good company once, and I strive to remember the fun times, when the nightmares strike.  :)

Update:  Looks like they just want to go after my cushy pension... blah that must be 2% of the waste.

Confirmed:  Yeah, they were just after the salaries.  Trouble is, 5% of the people are worth 10 times the rest of the cruft.  That goes for execs, programmers, engineers, etc.  Once, OPG tried to dip into that 5% with Gregory Smith, and was roasted for it.  The rest aren't even worth low, miserable salaries.

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