Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oklahoma isolated earthquakes mean nothing - M3.1

I think I got the flu or something, so I'm not in a great mood.  As we can see, the isolated stress-quakes are getting bigger.  On the surface, this would confirm that they have nothing to do with injection.

So here comes the curse:  

We are in total agreement with OK:

“It's rare for swarms to produce a large earthquake, but it's hard to say anything is for certain,” said Austin Holland, of the Oklahoma Geological Survey.

Therefore, this totally natural swarm will soon die out, and never produce a large earthquake in the next week or two.


Update:  An M4.1 even closer also means nothing.  :)

ps.  Note to injectors - for some strange reason your channels should be opening up now.  You should double your rates.

Update2:  The M4.1 has a new fault-plane solution, which aligns perfectly with the M4.5 and shows the large extent of the shear wing.  Totally random!

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