Thursday, December 12, 2013

Everybody attacking OPG staff


I have written before that OPG is a totally self-similar organization, or fractal.  That's just like earthquakes!  That means it looks the same on any scale.  Thus, we have political toadies at the top, bending to their political masters, and it is the same political organization throughout, down to the section.

Can this be fixed? Probably not.  This is the end state of any monopoly, and is the reason the trust-busters got started in the early 1900's.  The dead hand of the monopoly;  it can destroy any country, just like a dead aristocracy.

Don't pick on the poor schmuck at the bottom.  If you are a technical person, your salary range is totally compressed, so they can try to get new people.  You will earn the same forever, unless you are a good political operative.  All the senior people only think of their pension.

By talking to the really old guys, I found that Ontario Hydro went in cycles.  The current cycle is "Our staff is useless", which agrees with the article.  With this mood, everything was sent to consultants.  Never contract to people who are smarter than you!

Thus, we had the Niagara Tunnel run by 3 guys who were political operatives.  Not good!  The Darlington Early Fix-Up will be the same.

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