Friday, October 30, 2009

The End of Writing as We Know It


In 2010, advertising opportunities will be expanded to include sponsorship of individual writers. Currently being test-driven in Denver, CO., the sponsorship package allows a local advertiser to be aligned with specific local writers and their audiences, with ad units on a chosen writer’s page and access to that writer about announcements ...

It used to be that writing had a high barrier to entry. This ensured a cartel of distribution, and good money to the few that could scale the walls. Now, that's all over! The writing cartel is broken, and that means nobody is actually going to pay for writing, much like music. But I'll bet that the overall amount of money going to support writing will increase, but I don't know if the writers will get any of it. The end result might be a reduction in quality writing, which should drive up prices again.

I know that I never want to write unless there is some token of appreciation. For these new 'newspapers', the limiting factor might be good editors, but they've probably got new, starving writers climbing up the walls!

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