Thursday, October 15, 2009

All bright engineers will leave AECL if sold


If AECL merely becomes a branch plant for a foreign firm, some of the Crown corporation's engineers and scientists could leave the country in search of more interesting work, he added.

"Once you start breaking up the engineering division piecemeal, you lose the ability to design and build," said Ivanco. "Ontario Hydro, 20 years ago, could build reactors. But they stopped building reactors and a lot of their good people got bored and left."

I'm playing this pretty straight. yep.


Anonymous said...

Too funny and typical Union threats and fear mongering. The workers that AECL attracts are the Union types wanting job security and 9-5 jobs. They're not going anywhere! They're just worried that a private firm will get rid of everyone, from top management to the little guy that is dead-weight and contributing to the bottom-line. This is something that AECL should have done long ago, but when you have Former Union types managing the company one can't expect miracles.

Harold Asmis said...

I'm just surprised at how long this story goes on.