Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ontario sends billions to the mafia

Ok, who else could absorb billions and not even burp? This is the generic white-collar lower case mafia, not the Sopranos. It's comprised of the top circles.

I was at the cottage for 2 days, and all I heard on the radio was that the ehealth tab is over a billion (probably 2!). I was involved, through family connections, with the Alberta system, and even did some design work for scalability. This is a good system, and could transfer over to Ontario for less than 10 million (if that!). But it will never make it here, because it's a clean system that runs over the murky doctor sideline business, because it provides transparency. That's like putting a search light under a rock!

So, let's give that 2 billion vapourized. That's extremely difficult to do! Where did the money go? As an example, take the Niagara Tunnel. That's 2 billion wasted, but we have a nice useless hole. The military can test out their new Afghanicars, with all the random rockbursts. We also have all that rock. Now, let's say 1 billion for moving rock, and 1 billion goes to the mafia, for contract work, design work that was never done, and general slush. Still, you can see you need a huge hole to sink a billion!

I think if we keep this up, with the Bruce deep disposal project, we can probably do better than the Montreal Olympics! I'm not complaining, since an economic slump in the province brings down prices, but still.....

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