Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Continued no news from Niagara

The Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend is over! I just dropped off the last student over at the Queens Riot. Lots of driving this weekend. I just spent my last Google cheque on some fancy wine, and the annual BSSA dues. Boy, that Canadian dollar has made the wine cheaper! The 'Rave Review' stuff I usually buy used to be all $25 per bottle, now it's like $15-20. But that's all in the past, since I'm not getting any more ad clicks! Time to retire from retiring.

So, No News is Good News! That's what everybody believes in Canada, and Darkest Ontario. If the Power People supress all the news, then things must be going well....

I've never believed that. If I don't hear any news, then I assume the worst, especially in Ontario. I didn't really believe I was actually right about the Niagara Tunnel web site, thought it was just a glitch, and I was having fun with that. But they have actually truly stopped all technical news! You can only get information through the OPG Media Desk - HA HA! That is the blackest of all black holes - I knew the people there!

So now I have to assume that the whole thing is sinking into a deep pit. Can we guess the final cost of a non-functioning hole at 5-10 billion? Can we guess when they finally give up on it? Will anybody hear about it, or will we assume it's working perfectly when it's all filled with spider webs?


Harbles said...

Meanwhile in San Francisco the Bay Bridge has interesting seismic design features.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, that's neat. They should clear off the traffic in an earthquake.