Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall closes in

Cleaning up the garden today. My arms are falling off! So much to stuff into the big paper yard waste bags. Tonight we are having BC crabs. One of those Chinese supermarkets opened up in Weston, which is quasi-inner city. Great to have reasonably priced food for the hard workers of the city. Anyway, they have great fresh crab and lobster, and the crab is reasonably priced. I boil 2 crabs for 30 minutes and then split and separate the legs. Yummy!

Today's wine is a 2003 Chilean Merlot (Carmen). I think I've had it a few years in my wine cooler. I installed one of those fridge wine coolers (a small one) that you get at Costco, when we did our renovations. This is a magnificent wine! Everybody should scrimp for a fine wine once in a while, it's better than happy pills and the memories linger.


Harbles said...

Renovations?! Did you know you qualify for a tax incentive under the H'pster Government Action Plan?

Politics bah Advertising scams taxpayer funded photo ops and 'media' events, phooey.

I look forward to your blog entry on the accounting of your renovation project and the savings you enjoyed due to the "Action" plan.

Harold Asmis said...

Can't wait to get my giant cheque with the conservative logo!