Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cheerful News for Padang


SINGAPORE — A colossal earthquake may hit Indonesia's Sumatra island within 30 years, triggering a tsunami and making last month's deadly temblor look tiny by comparison, a geologist has warned.

Kerry Sieh, director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore, said the next big quake would last more than six times as long as the 7.6 magnitude quake which struck western Sumatra on September 30, leveling the city of Padang. "We expect it will be about a magnitude 8.8, plus or minus say 0.1," Sieh, an American professor, said at a presentation late Wednesday at the Nanyang Technological University, where the observatory is located.

And you thought that I was a doomster-gloomster!

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Hypocentre said...

Kerry Sieh was ahead of the curve prior to the 2004 quake/tsunami