Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ehealth Transparency Required


I've just closed the cottage. Since I just have water access, I have to abandon the cottage during the winter. I take up all the boats, and drain all the water lines. Then I inject plumbing antifreeze into everything. This spring there was a pocket of water in the lines, and it caused a crack in the most inconvenient spot. Such a bitch to re-solder!

Courtyard is claiming they only sucked up $7 megabucks, but they 'took control', and threw out a lot more. It would be great to have a 'sunshine list' of all these guys. They should list what each guy produced, for how much, and opensource (publish) the product (such as a report or computer code). Then everybody could see what was done! And laugh at it!

How are they ever going to start again? If you want to see the concept of doctors and business, here's an article.

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