Sunday, February 5, 2023

State of the Ocean -- Feb 5, 2023 -- Gulf Stream fully back

 Today's news is all about the Gulf Stream, which has come back in the ocean currents.  I just got the new ocean currents chart.

This shows a lot of current going up into the Iceland gap, or whatever you call it.  The Greenland current, which was so strong and killing the GS is gone.

The sea surface anomaly shows the dramatic change in the Greenland current, and how the upper Atlantic is warm.

The consequence is that all the tropical plumes are going up to the dead end.  Before 2016, the GS went across to the UK.  They lived in a fools paradise, taking it all for granted.  All the tropical plumes hit them directly, with lovely warm weather, not horrible rain.  Then it wandered south to Spain and UK got the margins which gave endless rain.  Now they are on the margins the other way, and this might give endless snow, or rain in the summer.  They should have a vote to bring back the GS.

Not so happy news for Australia and New Zealand.

Not a speckle of a sign of a current change.  Cold water continues to shut down the Pacific Heat Engine.

The Pacific is as cold as just above Antarctica.  Maybe you should just listen to the influencers and have happy dreams.

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