Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Phancy Physics Phable

 Physics Phable  - A story of terrible pollution  written by ChatFizz

  Once upon a time, long ago, there was a new world.  It had an atmosphere of nitrogen, co2 and some methane, with lots of water.  It cooled rapidly using convection through the atmosphere (they knew how to do things in those days).

  Soon bacteria popped up all over the place.  They were happy and built huge bacteria cities.  But, they they just ate sulphur and methane, which was very low energy, so they were slooooow.  No internet.

  Then some very bright engineers said “We can do better than this.”  They used quantum mechanics and found a way to zap co2 with sun photons, and split the molecule.  That gave carbon which they combined with water, and ate it.  The waste O2, they just poured into the atmosphere with giant chimneys – Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

  Oh, the horror!  One o2 could fry a happy anaerobic bacterium.  Soon, there were massive protests - Stop the Oxygen! Some correlated the rise of o2 with temperature - ha.

  The big Oxygen companies didn’t care, they kept pouring it out, and enjoyed 10 times the energy.  When it came to their own lives, they used something called ‘evolution’ and put on layers to stop the ox burn.

  The world changed.  Plants sucked in the bacteria and went wild with ox.  The earth was at 20% ox, but many plants on land wanted more.  When they got to 25%, one lightning stroke would burn an entire forest in a poof.  They went back to 20%.  Soon, animals ate the plants, and humans ate the animals.

  The End.

ps. wrote this for Masty.  No response at all.  blah.

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