Friday, February 17, 2023

Please support geophysics

 The after physics proved the famous ozone reaction did not exist, nasa went on a warpath against all physics.  Everything was just 'declared', like a russian tyrant.  There could be no question of the 'truth'.  We entered the Dark Ages.

One of my last sources of geophysics is about to be closed due to pressure from the influencers.  Please email   Tell them how you love geophysics, and the world temperature charts.  

Eventually, the campaign against physics will fall apart.  The world will just get too cold to make people believe it is getting warmer, even with one hot day somewhere in the world per summer.  Might be another 5 years.  

It's the same with earthquake engineering.  They can live with influencers for decades, until there is an earthquake that blows everything away.  You can never attack groupthink, by definition, it has to fail spectacularly.

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