Sunday, February 12, 2023

Rebuilding Southern Turkey


We can safely say that this zone has settled, and has become like New Madrid.  This is an internal earthquake, with regard to plates.  The main experience is with 'plate edge' earthquakes, and this has the wrong physics for interior earthquakes.

The plate-edge people don't acknowledge the amplification of 10 to 100 times.  They are totally absorbed with accelerations which are never amplified.  However, this earthquake has a huge velocity pulse which is probably an all-time record.  

The success of a 'strong man' depends on where he is in his cycle.  He's all brilliant at the beginning, but the brain turns off at 40.  Then he just relies on killing people.  There is no chance of any 'brightness' for this earthquake.  Most likely, they'll just build to standard California codes, based on accelerations.  (based on the Turkey leader).

They could do so much better.  Oddly enough, the new tech giant buildings (now empty) use modern ideas of heavy foundations, and stiff buildings.  If you have the money, you can hire real talent.  I had talked to the engineers designing these buildings, and I was happy.  Everybody else has to go with influencers.

ps.  looks like they are doing their usual thing and arresting builders.

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