Sunday, February 5, 2023


NERDOCHAT  When I win the lottery I’ll put up this instance.  Might be a while, since I don’t buy lottery tickets.

Welcome to Nerdochat  all things nerd all the time.  Discussion groups:

The lifecycle of the nerd

The horror of prom

Turning 40

In the spirit of being ‘clean’, we will accept jeers from the influencers like “The world is getting warmer, nerds!’  Just as in high school, we’ll ignore them and retreat to the Library Club.  Just like that club, we’ll accept nerdo-girls, but we won’t know what to do with them…. or each other.

Just put this on Masty.  But, naturally, no interest.  In reality, nerdochat would resemble my blog, with about 8 people in the world reading it.  :)

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