Sunday, February 19, 2023

Big doomer event predicted

 So far, they have just predicted doomer events that can never be measured, like 50 years into the future.  Now, they are closing in.  

This is 'coming soon' and does not exist.  There can be no physics effect of a near-vacuum on the the surface weather.  However, everybody will have a party with the doomer forecast, and then forget about it when it doesn't happen.  

It's all made up by this guy, who controls the world.

We are forced to take him seriously.

ps.  big discussion on Mastodon regarding cause and effect.  This stratospheric effect has been associated with weather effects.  But all I ever see are the large energy shifts.  A large temperature shift can affect the stratosphere through mega clear-air convection cells which haven't been measured since the 70's.  For me, cause and effect has energy flowing from the cause.  That's good with the law of entropy.  But, if you don't measure energy, it can go either way.  

When I sail on my lake, I see little ripples that are caused by a big convection vortex, about to try to tip me.  I could also think the ripples are trying to tip me, or that the ripples bring the wind.  It's very fluid in debate.

pps. looks like it has dropped from the news.

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