Friday, February 24, 2023

Ontario Nuclear Again

 Yeah, Paaarty!

I can only think about 3 hours a day in the morning.  Then I squash all disturbing thoughts, so I can sleep.  In the old days, I would go into brain storms to solve problems.

Now, we have lots of fun again.  Locating a new large nuclear plant without the Scientific Method and physics.  It was learned a long time ago, that a site with good physics, was politically impossible.  Thus, they went with things that were politically possible, but with no physics.

All the strongmen of large bureaucracies are nasty alcoholics.  That's evolution at work.  Thinkers don't rise.  They love smashing round pegs into square holes.  We had that with the Niagara Tunnel and the Bruce Waste thingie.  Bruce even tried to locate a nuclear plant on Lake Erie, which freezes solid in the winter.  I love all this!

I did a lot of site work a long time ago, but there was a brain wipe when the NDP came to power.  Like now, they think all our power can come from solar cells and windmills.  Not a speck of physics there.  As well, they are going to ignore all the previous work, like they did with the Niagara Tunnel.  This will be fun!

ps.  just dug up this old picture of doing the North Channel

I've written about all the adventures.

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