Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toronto fish ladder kills fish

It's sad, I haven't been around to bug them, and the Ontario gov't has let the fish down.  Billions wasted and they can't do a little thing.

They can't jump over the falls, and they get trapped in the clogged fish ladder.  The prov. gov't (Libs) sucks.

Update:  I sent a form to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Dead Fish.  If they are the usual government, it'll be weeks before the fish are not saved.  The summer students are gone, and the old guys don't do Internet well.  I suppose there might be an unpaid intern scavenging under the minister's table, but that would be just too lucky.  :)

Update2:  I was afraid to go down for a week, but I'm happy to report that the intern found the email and it's all cleaned up.

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