Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Linux - The New Samba

Further to my adventures of reinstalling my main machine, I have discovered the New Samba.  What a shock!  Anyway, they've gone full out with security, and it makes difficult for a small network, where all you want to do is watch legal movies on your wd-live.  :)

First off, they now totally pooh-pooh SWAT which I used to use to configure the samba server.  Now I have to use gadmin-samba.  The worst is that they also diss the use of security=share, which was a convenient way to blow out all the security.  After reading everything on the Internet, I had to settle on having a samba user for my exported drive.  The wd-live could handle it.  No more 'anonymous'!

Update:  It's security=share, now you can only use 'user'.

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