Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lowe's is the Target of Hardware Stores

I went into an empty Target store the other day, and they still have zombies and empty shelves.  Although I had just bought a lot of junk at Walmart, I felt an instant pressure not to buy anything.  If they had a Target Bar and Grill when Rob Ford was young, think how the world would be different today!  They couldn't sell sex at a Target brothel.

I always go to Home Depot, but the new Lowe's is closer.  Because of road construction I went into it today.  Instant Damper!  But I had to get something.  They are so hopelessly American that they don't have credit card chip readers as a matter of principle.  That tore it for me!  If my credit card gets bunged, I'm going to really say something.  :)

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