Thursday, October 2, 2014

An earthquake poem for Halloween

This is verry scarry.  Keep it away from little kids.  I've put out the scary pumpkins, and now in celebration of the big Kansas M4.4, I present this:

Earthquake Halloween

This is not the friendly monster that lives under your bed,
No, this is the kind that knocks you on your head.

It all started eons ago, when there were mountains as high as Everest,
The rock thrusted up, then down, total turmoil we shall call ‘Never-rest’.

It then settled down for a hundred million year sleep,
With a blanket of oil-bearing rock, cozy and comfy, and nary a peep.

But all the while, tectonic plates kept grinding,
Horizontal stresses building, the monster hardly minding.

He gave a little chuckle, and almost a song he did sing,
When his cousin, New Madrid, made the bells in Boston ring.

But now it was his turn, there was no stopping,
By injecting noxious waste, the friction was dropping.

But they weren’t merely injecting saltwater, that was a bland paste,
No, they were going for stress corrosion, the direct application of Fracking Waste!

After a few billion barrels of the water,
The Monster was ready to get up for the slaughter.

And so it came, with a brick building on a swamp,
There was a knock at the door, the Monster ready to romp.

“Go away!” said the occupants, “We are God-Fearing Fundamentalists, tucked in our bed.”
Said the Monster “Old scriptures won’t help you, should have gone to Science, instead.

He shook and he roared, and broke every house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

“I’ve done it!”, I’m the strongest force in the US!
That’s it for Oklahoma, now on to Kanzess!

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