Monday, April 28, 2014

Reflections on Turning 60

At the end of the week, I turn 60.  We'll have a big family party and everybody will make fun of me.

I'm having my second life, and I'm enjoying it.  The first was full of kids, depressions, and miserable work.  I wouldn't go back for another young life, if I could get a new body, like a sci-fi book.  I feel better at 60, and I don't have all those sexy women bothering me with their hormones.  I'm totally immune!  :)

We are entering an age of the return of the Citizen Scientist.  I think the last time was with Sir Isaac Newton.  Then we went into the phase of governmental and institution science, and the independent couldn't get access to all the labs and machines.  Now, for some reason, all the money for this has dried up, and the gov't scientist is dead.  The universities only think of patents and donations, so those scientists are totally muzzled.

This is bad for the conventional media, since they need an 'official talking head' to make a statement.  Then they totally butcher that, and give the poor guy heart palpitations.  No wonder nobody can do that any more.  Every person must now give statements through the PR department.

This leads up to everybody being ridiculously cautious.  Gone are the days when a scientist could go out on a limb and eventually be proven wrong.  That was J. Tuzo Wilson's favourite thing.  Now, no scientist can afford to offend loonies or be proven wrong.  Just like the army in 'Mars Attacks', you advance by not saying or doing anything.

But can the old guys fill in the gap?  The Internet now provides all sorts of data.  We independents can't get over the pay wall, but that is becoming total garbage.

One thing the CS's will never do is be a talking head for the media.  On that path lies madness.

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