Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Nexus 7

Here's a sad tale.  :(  I had my Nexus 7 ever since the beginning, and I took it everywhere.  Case - schmase, I went naked.  I read absolutely tons on it, and I was actually wearing out a spot on the lower corner where I flip pages.  Now that I'm retired, I could never afford my million dollar book habit, thank goodness for you-know-what.

Now, along comes the new puppy dog.  I'm sunning myself outside, when she sits nicely on my lap.  All of a sudden 'SQUIRREL!".  My tablet was in my hand, and it only dropped an inch on the patio.  Smash!  That glass is thinner than an eggshell.

So I have this fancy pleather case now.  I'm still watching out for puppy dogs...

ps.  Not so sad, the new one is a zillion times better, and I never could find anything cheaper on the Chinese market.  Happy birthday to me!

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