Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ontario fruit tree spraying

In Ontario, there is fruit tree trouble in the backyard.  My cherry tree died, my plum tree is sick, and all my pears drop every year.

It's a real problem, since we must stay organic with the spray.  I've noticed that they've backed off a bit in the locked cabinets, since Malathion has showed up now.  I've kept my apples going by using Home Defence (pyrethin), with a copper wetable powder.  My crop is generally down to nothing.

Now, I got a huge amount of apples for drying last fall from the in-laws.  Their secret is to take a trip down to the States.  So does everybody around me.  I am sure that 99% of the fruit trees are benefiting from this.  Now, I'm not saying what they do in the States, since I have humourless people reading this all the time.

I don't want to go to the States, but I have found something.  Take a look at the bottom of the blog for a certain magic container which I have ordered through Amazon.  That's right!  No trip necessary.  I'll get it next week, since it is totally legal at the Canadian border.

I once researched all of this, and the magic stuff has something for fungus, but most importantly it has a 'sticker, spreader'.  This should mean that I don't have to manually thin the apples, and should keep the fruit on until it ripens.  If you click on the graphic and buy it, I get a few cents to make me happy.  It's expensive with the shipping, but beats a trip to Buffalo.

PS.  A package just arrived.  I won't say what it is.  My legal statement is "I don't have nothing.".  The secret code is "applesauce".

Update:  Went on well for first spraying.  I hope it will help with the raspberries, which get fungus and Japanese beetles.

Update2:  They have another magic organic potion that does the weeds.  It doesn't smell at all, so you can spot spray like you're putting on Roundup.

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